Hyderabad India Stake!!!!

12:20am Monday, April 22
My blackberry buzzes laying next to me on the bed – waking me up ..oh JOY! I open the email:

Chris – “Hey Momma! ” and up I get and to my computer which i leave running and ready to go on Sunday nights in anticipation!!!

I write – “Hi Dear Son – I’m awake!!!”

Chris – “LOL – so am I.”

And then our back and forth email begins a few times as we converse in the next best way to IM or telephone. It’s a little delayed and brief – but I get so excited to read his adventures. And I still say he sounds so good!!! Afterwards, it’s difficult to go back to sleep….which makes for a very tired Monday morning (as if they weren’t hard enough), and several yawns throughout the day – especially in my never ending meetings. ūüôā But I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

Sharing a few excerpts below from Chris.

“It finally is nice and cloudy here, it rained last night. It’s the first day it’s been cloudy and below 90 since I’ve been here. I’m enjoying it very much though and my companion and I have been exploring outside all day, and getting food and other supplies.

Wow this week has been truly special. There is big news here in my mission! The city Im serving in is becoming the first stake in INDIA!!!! So on May 26-27 is the stake conference/meeting. Dalin H. Oaks is coming to start it off in style! He will be here for a whole week, Im so excited to meet him. I think he is going to talk to the 12 missionaries serving here in a small group from what i hear so ill let you know. l

I feel like I am fully adjusted to life here and forget how different it is, but then randomly I’ll see something crazy like a man and his 4 children on a scooter the size of a childs bicycle all of which have arms full of Mango’s and rice bags and I think, “Man I love India” . hahaha. Today on the way to the internet cafe there were tons of people on the bus so I was privileged enough to get to literally hang out of the door of the bus hanging on to the stair rail the entire ride and let the cool air embrace me. Its the simple things here that really bring joy to me while im not in a lesson. ”

He also shared that their apartment was supposed to be ready the next day……there have been four missionaries living together – been a bit crowded, I guess so he was looking forward to that!

Until…next time! Julie



Sorry for the delay in sharing news from Hyderabad India via Chris!  A couple weeks to catch up on.
Of most importance, Chris is feeling extremely fulfilled in his work.  He has a new companion РElder Sodadasi.  They are working well together and making meaningful progress. Chris is working with him on the English language, and they are learning from each other and building unity.
He spent 3 days in Bangalore this last week where he reported it was much cooler due to the trees forming canopies of shade over the streets and the light rains. ¬†Hyderabad is a dry hot climate (of which he reported he’s not used to…..jk).
I think the highlight was that he found POPTARTS in Bangalore and had a “delicious breakfast” 3 times during the week, but doubts he’ll find them in Hyderabad.
He was able to watch General Conference and has fond memories of being in Arizona with friends during the last conference. ¬†He’s looking forward to attending in person April 2014. ¬† ¬†
Also, he shared he would be grateful for small travel size containers of Kleenex tissues if anyone feels so inclined….there is much dust and pollution and they are not available there.
It’s been 50 DAYS since he left from home and his energy is still coming through strong in his emails! ¬†As he reported – India is still “blowing my mind – lol”. ¬†
I love this KID!  Although I may be just a tad bias.
Two weeks ago – an excerpt from Chris….
“the water wasn’t working for the baptism in the Church, and the power was out so the pump wouldn’t work for the hoses to fill from outside in through the window like normal when the water inside is out. ¬†SOOOOOO, us Missionaries had to climb down into the tank in the parking lot underground, fill up 5 gallon water cooler bottles and carry them in and fill up by hand. ¬†It took about 3 hours and 100 trips. ¬†It was exhausting, but nothing will stop the work from progressing, and the baptism’s were completed. ¬†It was all worth it when we saw and felt the Spirit. ¬†Adapting to the situation here is a MUST”.¬†
More next week!   Julie

Chris is in Hyderbad! 1st Email from India received.

Chris and I were able to “chat” via email tonight while he was in the internet cafe. What a treat for me!

Chris is now north of Bangalore in Hyderabad. It is the largest district and there are six branches in the district. He will be in the West Marredpally 2nd branch. All mail should still go to the Bangalore Mission address and then they send it by courier to Hyderabad. I just finished having some REAL TIME Conversation with him – at 11:35pm Sunday night – while he and Elder Chelladurai are in an Internet Cafe. He says it’s 95 degrees and humid. I bet he’ll learn to appreciate that Arizona DRY HEAT!


wow this place is crazy. the streets are absolute chaos and insanity. cars going every which way and noooooo rules on the the road whats so ever lol. we ride around mostly in autos- motorized three wheeled carts or in bus. the bus is so funny because you just run and hop on and off. i literally mean run. it like doesn’t stop all the way and the doors never close. then there is a conductor that you pay that walks around on the bus and collects money based on how far you are going. lol

i would say that about half the people here speak about poor english lol. and even at that i cant understand what english they are speaking but im getting better. i have one investigator that is an english teacher and she is really smart and has been waiting for the gospel. the members are all realllllllly nice and sooooooooo active in the missionary work here. it is easy to get members to go out with us and we get sooo many referrals from them. church was nice. in the meeting i thought that it felt the most normal since leaving the MTC because church is the same all over the world.

the food is pretty decent. not to tempt fate but i havent gotten sick yet and yesterday i had a scare and accidently drank local water unfiltered and not zapped with my UV zapper. i almost had a heart attack when i realized what had happend as the cup left my lips and the taste of really bad US tap water entered my throat lol. I am adapting really well to the culture here and the people are unbecomingly kind by US standards.

This place is an adventure and while i do miss home and life as it was, i LOVE it here on the mission and can see already the numerous ways this will bless me in the future in my faith and my family. today I will shop and get a blanket and pillow cuz we dont have them at the APT. it is a nice appartment by india standards for sure but by US it is a little funny i guess is the best word to describe it.
next email ill give a floor plan and discription of the Bathroom. the scary bathroom lol jk. no but really scary lol ”

He also shared that he is taking pictures and video and will be sending the first memory card from India very soon which I’ll figure out how to share. This is challenging my technology skill.

Until next time – Julie Coombs

Leaving for India in 24 Hours!

Greetings to All,

I’ve received several letters from Chris while he’s been at the MTC. ¬†

He is in great spirits and learning and growing so much!  His shared that his normal day begins with breakfast at 7:30am, on to class from 8:30 Р4:00 with an hour lunch break, then to dinner and the gym (his roommate is SAVAGE at basketball РElder Bean), then back to class until 9:30pm.

His only complaint Рand just once, was he was missing Chipolte and Firehouse Subs!  Followed by a LOL!

He’s had many memorable events with a Devotional from Alex Boye’, one his favorite vocalists in the Tabernacle Choir, and also a very Inspirational Talk from Jeffrey R Holland. ¬†

It is truly a blessing to me, to hear of his journey as he is learning so much and becoming so much closer to God. ¬†He appreciates all the letters he’s received from so many of you – KEEP WRITING.

The travel plans are as follows – listed in the TimeZone of the City

British Airways Flt 1920

Depart SLC Monday March 12 at 3:30pm – arriving Chicago O’Hare Monday March 12 at 7:35pm

British Airways Flt 296

Depart Chicago Monday March 12 at 9:40pm – arriving London Heathrow Tuesday March 13 at 10:05am

British Airways Flt 119 (could be flt 277)

Depart London Tuesday March 13 at 2:00pm Рarriving Bengaluru (Bangalore) India Wednesday March 14 at 4:55am  (WHICH WILL BE 4:25pm on Tuesday March 13 in PHOENIX)  Feel free to check me on that Рbut as best I know РIndia is 12.5 hours ahead of Arizona/California.

With regards to corresponding with Chris – make sure you have this INFO.

I have been utilizing Dearelder.com – a fantastic and SIMPLE way to communicate. ¬†You can TYPE a letter and they will print it DAILY – put it in it’s own envelope, apply the $1.05 postage and take it to the post office. (You just set up an account for the postage). ¬†Just choose the Bangalore India Mission and Elder Christopher Coombs!

If you want to also send cards or mail your own letter – the address is:

Elder Christopher Lee Coombs

India Bangalore Mission

Anjali Plaza, 2nd Floor

493 C. M. H. Road, Indiranagar

560 038 Bangalore


Christopher’s Birthday is MARCH 29 – send cards now so they will arrive for his birthday!!!!! ¬†I’m told the US Mail will take 7 – 14 days?

Blessings to Chris and us all!

His Loving MOM – Julie




The Creation

God created the world in 7 days. This blog took only 7 minutes, however, we hope it will be sufficient in keeping everyone who is interested up to date with my mission activities. My mom, Julie Coombs, will spend countless hours updating this blog periodically as I send her emails and hand write her. I will send as many pictures as I can via email and by sending my memory cards back to the US. As I communicate with her, my mom will try to stay up to date with my location, experiences, etc.  I will soon post my address and my mom will keep as current as possible my address for letters and packages throughout the mission.

T-minus 42 days till I report!